To Match or Not to Match? – That is the Question…


We did some research on this topic and collected some opinions among influencers, fashion brands, and fashion magazines:

Here is what we learned about the bigger fashion indecision of our time.

  1. When you should wear a perfect match

If you are invited to a formal party, to a wedding, to an elegant event.

If you are going to take pictures and want to look stylish in them after 15 years.

You should perfectly match your accessories and outfit together and aim for an elegant look.

Because the only thing that never goes out of fashion is elegance.

Take an example from the real Princess – Kate Middleton!
During formal events, she always matches her accessories in a perfect way.



She always wears a matching colors bag and shoes.

And to make it look even more perfect she matches her shoe or bag with a color detail from a dress.
And she gives us also another important lesson about bags: for formal events, always choose a clutch!

We can propose you our favorite one: it’s rsero, a fancy clutch with a modern design.

A matchy-matchy look isn’t meant only for princesses and royal weddings:

You can wear matchy shoes and bags also in your everyday life.

When you are wearing a fun and elaborate outfit that contains lots of colors, matching shoes and bag can make you look neater.

2.When you should wear a partial match


Simple: if you are wearing floral shoes in red, green, blue and yellow, your bag should be plain and red, green blue or yellow.

If you are wearing a color-blocked bag in white, blue and red, your shoes should be white, blue or red.

The master of partial matching is probably Atlantic//Pacific, one of the most popular fashion bloggers: even if she wears colorful looks, she rarely matches shoes and bag: but she perfectly knows how to match them to some detail of the outfit to make everything looks shapely and neat.

The same is true for Amal Clooney: she never match bags and shoes, but her outfits are always stunning!



3.When you can mix and match

Are you addicted to basic looks?

It’s time to break the rules!

A simple, neutral, basic look is perfect to make a bag (or a pair of shoes) stand out with a color that contrasts with the rest of the outfit.

For example, a white shirt or denim look matched with bold color bag makes the outfit look fresh and stylish.

In the same way, an outfit built around earth tones can be Enlighted by a colorful bag or shoes.

This kind of look is perfect for every day and mix-and-match among shoes and bags can bring life to a boring outfit – or even to a boring day.


  1. Some golden rules to follow when…you break the rules

But, be careful!


The fact we are not forced anymore to match everything perfectly, it doesn’t mean there are no rules at all.

Shoes and bags don’t have to look exactly the same, but they should…go together.

Bag and shoes shouldn’t have different patterns, and their colors should look good together.

Also, you should never pair a summer bag with winter shoes (and the other way around) – like, for example, a straw bag with boots: it would look weird.


  1. Another rule is about occasions

When you look at a pair of shoes, you can tell if they are appropriate for a wedding, for the office, for the beach, for every day, for the sport, or if they are romantic, rock, sporty, classy.

The same is true for the bags: so, try to match shoes and bags with the same style.

We can summarize these few basic rules in one sentence: be consistent and don’t forget to express your style. This is the true secret to look amazing!